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(May 31, 2015) -

Education Tax Receipts are available electronically through Banner (same process used to register for classes). To access Banner, click on the following (or type into web browser) ...

(Apr 15, 2015, Thunder Bay) -

NEW Thursday and Friday luncheons now available in Rumours on altering weeks from the previously listed Tuesdays and Wednesday luncheons.  Also Gourmet Dinners are available for booking.
Don't miss out reserve now!  All reservations are first come, first served.

(Mar 27, 2015) -

March 27, 2015, THUNDER BAY, ON – The Engineering Technology Student Club hosted the 5th Annual Technology Conference and Career Fair today at Confederation College.&nbs

(Mar 26, 2015, Kenora) -

On March 24, the Lake of the Woods Campus of Confederation College held its annual Awards & Bursaries Ceremony.  14 students across eight post-secondary programs received financial bursaries totaling $7,875 and 26 students were presented with letters of First Class Standing at the ceremony...

(Mar 26, 2015) -

March 26, 2015, THUNDER BAY, ON – Confederation College was pleased to launch a 42-week Heavy Equipment Apprenticeship Development program this week as part of the College’s HEAD-Start initiative which is focused on development in the area of pre-apprenticeship training.  The new program aims to support entrants to the apprenticeship system who require job readiness skills and trade readiness experiences to gain employment as Heavy Duty Equipment Technician or Truck and Coach Technician apprentices...

(Mar 25, 2015) -

March 25, 2015, THUNDER BAY, ON – Students in the Police Foundations program at Confederation College were participating in a series of simulated exercises today.  The exercises are designed to test the students’ skills and knowledge, gained throughout the year, by exposing them to mock crime scenarios ranging from property crimes to homicide...