Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council leads the development and implementation of academic vision, standards and processes at the college in partnership with the Vice President, Academic.


Academic Council is committed to learning. Academic Council has a learner-centred approach in all aspects of its work. This learner focused framework has become the foundation of Academic Council and is consistently reflected in our advisement, policy development and implementation processes. We are determined to address the engagement and success of our learners through positive and inclusive dialogue.


Academic Council is grounded in our College values:

We celebrate our learners, employers, communities, and College employees in all their diversity.

Respect, Caring, and Openness
We value each other as individuals. Acting with integrity, we expect active and honest sharing of information and ideas, listening carefully, and respecting the opinions of others. We are committed to working together to achieve our mission.

Learning and Leading
We prepare learners to live, work, and lead in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.

We strive for excellence in education. We build on our historical strengths of collaboration, responsible decision-making, innovation, reasoned risk-taking, and community responsiveness.

Academic Council will:

  • Keep the best interests of our learners and the learning and teaching partnership at the centre of all activities.
  • Create the College’s academic vision and direction and lead its implementation.
  • Ensure the implementation of the academic directions stated in the Strategic Directives as set by the Board of Governors.
  • Facilitate regular college-wide communication of academic direction, policy and processes.
  • Oversee the scope of quality, relevance, currency and consistency of curriculum in all programs and courses as part of the program renewal process.
  • Consult with the College community both internally and externally.
  • Discuss, collaborate and recommend strategies to address both internal and external academic initiatives and issues.



The purpose of Academic Council is to lead the development and implementation of academic vision, standards and processes at the College in partnership with the Senior Vice President Academic.

This Council will assist the Senior Vice President Academic (SrVPA) with academic policy creation and direction setting by:

  • developing, implementing and renewing the Academic Plan;
  • monitoring and evaluating academic processes related to new program development and program renewal and ensuring a consistent curriculum framework for all programs;
  • reviewing and communicating academic policy academic policy, practice and procedures;
  • implementing continuous quality assurance mechanisms to maintain academic quality and excellence;
  • revising Council committee structure as appropriate

Current Academic Council members may access the portal here.