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Welcome to Confederation College Alumni Services. As of June 2013, there are over 32,000 Confederation College Alumni located across the country and around the world. Join us and stay connected to fellow Alumni, upcoming events, services, opportunities specifically geared towards our graduates and much more!

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Alumni Services provides benefits to our Alumni, organizes special events and assists at Convocation. 

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Upon graduation, our alumni have the world at their fingertips. As they pursue their careers or continue their education, it is very gratifying and rewarding to see them succeed. It is even more fulfilling when alumni take it one step further and pay it forward. J.P. Remillard and Brenda Chambers-Ivey are both doing what they can to give back to their communities and their alma mater.

J.P Remillard - volunteer coach with his two of his three daughtersJ.P Remillard graduated from the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology program in 1989. Before even earning his diploma, he had landed a job with Arnprior Aerospace, Inc. in Arnprior, Ontario. Originally hired to work in manufacturing engineering, J.P. has earned several promotions and now sits in the role of Director of Operations. In his personal life, he is happily married with three lovely daughters.

Grateful for his time at Confederation, J.P. has always found ways to give back.  He has sat on the Aerospace Manufacturing Program Advisory Committee for more than 15 years, has previously been involved in advertising campaigns and continues to hire alumni from Confederation.  Along with the rest of his graduating class, he helped to establish a bursary in memory of a fellow classmate who passed away in 2014. He also facilitates raw materials being donated to Confederation through his employer to help others receive the same quality of education that he did.

“It’s so important that I give back to the College because it’s given so much to me. I always got the help I needed and found that even after graduating, my relationships stayed intact and I was still receiving support from faculty and my fellow students. If I can help anybody at the College or otherwise through the things that I’ve learned, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Beyond his work with the College, J.P. extends his generosity both personally and professionally, financially and as a volunteer to help support a variety of charitable events and sports organizations. He enjoys seeing the effect his time, expertise, actions and dollars can have on those in need or those studying to join his field.

To his fellow alumni, J.P. says “I think as a Confederation College graduate you have an advantage over a lot of people and it is our responsibility to lead the way in our communities and wave the Confederation flag.”

Brenda Chambers-Ivey in front of an organ donor posterBrenda Chambers-Ivey is such a fan of Confederation, that she now waves the flag as both an alumna and an employee. She works in the Lake of the Woods Campus in Kenora, Ontario as an Academic Services Assistant.  She has graduated from the Introduction to Business Computers, Business Fundamentals, Office Administration, Ontario Management Development – Business Management Skills and Business Human Resources programs, completing her most recent diploma in 2007.  Critical to her life experience is having Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and at the age of 38, receiving a double lung transplant which changed her world. Brenda’s Confederation College journey began after a length recovery from surgery, in an effort to upgrade her skills and education to assist her with re-entry into the workforce. She believes in paying forward the kindness that she has received, and encourages her fellow alumni to do the same.

“Giving your time, talents and experience to your community is something that everyone should consider. Our community is part of what makes us who we are and is there to support us on our journey through life. The Confederation College family does just that; supporting you as you work towards your dreams and aspirations. Looking back, the College has given me the opportunities and tools to develop my skills and has pushed me to be a better version of myself. Being a part of the College community as a donor and as an employee, helping others to achieve their dreams, is truly gratifying.”

In addition to giving back at Confederation, Brenda has put in over 40 years of service with the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, having participated in local and national campaigns in the fight to find a cure for CF and earning the Creon Achiever’s Award for Leadership in the CF community in 2004. For the past seven years she has also sat on the Board of Directors for the Lake of the Woods and Regional Community Foundation and continues to stay involved with the Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life program after more than 12 years. 

One page is truly not enough to do these incredibly community-minded alumni justice. This story really only scratches the surface of what they do for those in need. We hope it has inspired you to start or keep making a difference in your communities. If in your philanthropic endeavours, you are interested in getting involved with Confederation College, either to make a donation or to become an alumni volunteer, please contact us today.


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That sums up what “alumni” means to me: the pride and the awareness of belonging to something bigger. The Alumni Pin is a nice reminder of that. If you haven’t gotten yours already, contact me and I’ll update your information and send you out your own personal Alumni Pin.

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