CE - Thunder Bay Part-Time Programs (c)

We offer flexible programs designed to meet the needs of students in Thunder Bay who must consider work and family in their lifelong learning plans. See below for list of programs. Also consider our part-time courses.

CE - Thunder Bay Part-Time Programs (c)


The list of part-time programs focus specifically on vocational skills. In most instances post-secondary entrance criteria is not required to register for these programs although some prerequisites may be required before earning a specific credential.

To earn a Program Credential students must complete the entire list of courses noted under each program link on our website. In order to earn the credential listed, students must successfully complete all courses specified. Participants are reminded that they have a maximum of 5 years to complete a program. These programs are intended to establish base skills and introductory knowledge in a chosen field. Students are encouraged to check with employers to determine if a program is suitable before beginning the course of study.

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Community Services


 Health Sciences

 Technology & Trades