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The College Rec Association of Confederation College provides a wide variety of fun, inclusive, social activities and fellowship opportunities in an environment which fosters morale, relationship building and a sense of community for members and their families.

Each year, College Rec Members receive over $200 worth of exciting events for only $52 or $2 every pay period. Join today to take advantage of all the benefits of being a College Rec member!


The College Rec Association of Confederation College:

  • Offers memberships to any college or affiliated employee
  • Is open to everyone - non-members are welcome to attend for a fee
  • Extends a lifetime membership to Confederation College retirees
  • Aims to provide low cost events
  • Provides a full calendar of events with something for everyone

Membership - Full-Time Employees

Employees may join by completing the College Rec Association Membership Form and paying a fee of $2.00 per pay period (minimum of 26 per year) through payroll deduction or by direct payment.

Membership - Part-Time and Contract Employees

Part-time and contract employees may join by having the $52.00 yearly fee divided by the number of pay periods allocated on their employee contract. (Contact Kim Dunn  in Human Resources for more information).

The membership year runs from September 1 - August 31. Contract employees can continue to attend College Rec events even after their contract has expired. For example: If your contract started September 1 and ended December 24, you would still be able to attend up until August 31 as you would have already paid for the membership over the course of your contract.

Membership - Employees of Contract Service Providers

Employees of contract service providers (Sodexo, Follett, Campus Living Centres, Koprash etc.) may join by paying a single payment of $52.00 per year. For more information, email us at Payments can be made in the Human Resources department.

The College Payroll department will provide a list of names of paid members to the College Rec Association Executive.


Are you a Confederation College Retiree? Did you know that as a Retiree, you receive a life-time membership to the College Rec Association? Stay in the know of all the upcoming College Rec events by providing us with your most current email address. You can email Jean Mirowski directly and she will add your updated information to the distribution list.


All activities, unless otherwise specified, are open to members, family/friends and all staff, however only College Rec Association members will be offered a reduced participation cost. Some events may be limited to only College Rec Association Members due to number restrictions. 

Events requiring Association Members to pay a small additional fee means that you are receiving a discounted rate from the original ticket price as we cannot always cover the full cost of a ticket. For example: A ticket for a spaghetti dinner costing $15.00 would be offered to Association Members for $5.00 with the additional $10.00 being covered by the College Rec Association.

All events require sign-up which can be completed at the HUB. Members who pick-up a ticket but cannot attend must return their ticket prior to the stated cut-off time.

Food substitutions must be made prior to an event directly with that events food service provider by the member requesting the change.

Please be advised that photo's may be taken at events. Photo's will strictly be used on Staff News and the College Rec web page for archive and promotional use only.

For Events With Children In Attendance

For any event in which you will be bringing a child, as the parent or guardian, you will be fully responsible for the conduct of that child by ensuring that they act in a polite and acceptable manner. Failure to do so may result in that child being removed from the event.

Event Etiquette

If you have signed up for a College Rec event and realize afterwards you are not able to attend, please return your ticket to the Information Hub prior to the event cut-off date. This will allow for anyone on a wait list the opportunity to attend. It will also ensure the appropriate amount of food is ordered and that the College Rec Association will not be allocating additional dollars to persons who are not in attendance. In cases where an additional fee was charged, your money will be fully refunded if tickets are returned before the cut-off date.

For larger and more costly events ie: Dinner With Friends, a refundable deposit of 5.00 will be charged to all members attending and refunded back to the member at the event.


Contact Us!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback for the College Rec Committee, please feel free to email us at: