Construction Techniques

1-year, Ontario College Certificate Program

Construction Techniques

The Construction Techniques program creates pathways to workplace and educational opportunities such as apprenticeship training or postsecondary diploma programs.

Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Full-Time Program Code: 0383

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The Construction Techniques Certificate Program is a one year program that is designed as an introduction to the employment realities and working specifics of the construction trades. The strength of such a program is to directly address the coming shortage of skilled trades professionals in the construction industry in the coming years. The benefits of such an introductory program are two-fold.

First, potential skilled trades workers can decide what trades may interest them most in a protected, safe environment without the pressures of production or deadlines.

Second, potential skilled trades workers do not have to first find an employer to decide if they would be interested in such work (apprenticeship program). They can come to an educational institution to explore the specifics of such trades first, which will ultimately make them more marketable to pursue employment in construction or similar trades because of their educational experiences here at Confederation College in the certificate program.

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