Bio Mass Plant - Construction Project

Bio Mass Plant Construction Project

Confederation College is excited to be on the leading edge of green energy production ...

BioMass Plant photo

Project Overview:

  • Construction began on the new Biomass facility in August, 2011.
  • Hot water piping was installed throughout the Shuniah building and new adjoining REACH facility.
  • The project is expected to be full operational by late fall, 2015.

Honeywell/Confederation College Partnership – Climate Neutrality Program

  • Lighting retrofit, motion sensors and photocells
  • Balanced HVAC systems and installed CO2 sensors
  • Add/upgrade environmental controls
  • Building envelope sealing
  • Fuel switching (electric to gas)
  • Equipment shutdown
  • Spot cooling
  • Equipment replacement
  • Motor retrofits to high efficiency type
  • Interlock overhead doors
  • Zone scheduling
  • Pop machine misers