(formerly known as "Electrical Engineering Technology - Computer Control")

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Full-Time Program Code: 0396

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While traditional electrical theory and applications are covered, special emphasis is placed on computerized electronic control applications using state of the art  DCS,  PLCs and drive systems.  Traditional operator interface systems, as well as today's leading panel and PC based SCADA / HMI packages are studied, with a design philosophy on safety.  The student will gain an in depth knowledge of today's industrial device communications and networking required to design / analyze and implement new and existing systems.  

The first year of the program is common with the Instrumentation Engineering Technician and Electronics Engineering Technician programs.  This gives the student the opportunity to remain in the technician program should they so desire.  Technology students entering the 5th semester may qualify to receive the two year Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma.  

Qualified  technologist graduates can apply to Lakehead University and enter into the third year of the Electrical Engineering program.  After an additional two years of successful study at Lakehead University, they may earn an Electrical Engineering Degree. 

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Also consider the 2 year option in the 
Electronics Engineering Technician - Computers program ...

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