Electronics Engineering Technician - Computers

2-year, Ontario College Diploma Program

Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Full-Time Program Code: 0315

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Utilizing your technical skills, this training will enhance your ability to provide technical solutions and support to local and wide area networks.  You will be able to work with a complete range of active data; install, interconnect, configure, implement, and troubleshoot network systems, create and maintain documentation, and be proficient with all aspects of the modern day network solution.  Your opportunity to pursue the Microsoft Certified Professional and CISCO certification will open many doors for you in an "in-demand" profession.

NEW! As the result of a recent partnership with Hydro One, new pre-trade opportunities are now under discussion. If you are interested in knowing more, you can REGISTER on our priority list of people to be e-mailed with new information, as soon as it is ready-to-share.

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