Environmental Technician

2-year, Ontario College Diploma Program

Environmental Technician

You are part of the new generation of individuals who are committed to making the environment healthier, safer and stronger. With our Environmental Technician program, you will develop a greater understanding of the complexity, fragility and resilience of our world.

Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Full-Time Program Code: 0387

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Your ability to work through processes and handle projects will prepare you for  career opportunities in the environmental sector of the economy.  Upon graduation, you will have the right skills, principles and practices, rooted in scientific and engineering theory, to give you a practical understanding of ecosystems, government regulations, industry standards & codes of practices, as well as environmental audits and assessments.  It's your world. Gain the expertise at Confederation College to make a difference!

For inspiration, view the EarthCare Thunder Bay 2015 video ...


Career Highlights

Graduates of the Environmental Technician Program at Confederation College go into many different types of work in the Environmental sector.  Some graduates choose to work in laboratory settings, some choose to work primarily out in the field, and some choose jobs that include a combination of both.  While there is a heavy emphasis on water resources in the program, you will also gain extensive experience working with terrestrial ecosystems and in industrial settings.  Many graduates have found work with Consulting firms that offer a wide variety of experiences and an increasing number are finding work in the Mining sector.  Most students graduate with the Ontario Entry-Level Drinking Water Certification.

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