Forest Ecosystem Management Technician

2-year, Ontario College Diploma Program

Forest Ecosystem Management Technician (Co-op)

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you have a strong interest in the natural sciences? Consider a career as a Forest Ecosystem Management Technician. Forest Ecosystem Management Technician share in the huge responsibility of managing and sustaining our forest by balancing the social, economic and ecological aspects of our natural resources.

Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Full-Time Program Code: 0390

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Your education and hands-on training at Confederation College will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding lifelong career in both the public and private sectors of the forest industry. You will be prepared for a technically competent position in the areas of forest harvesting, forest resource conservation and protection, forest management, silviculture, research support, recreation, project development with Aboriginal communities and/or tribal councils, community economic development and eco and adventure tourism.  Now that's exciting career options!

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