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The Health Centre provides various health care services to students and staff.

Health Centre

Mission Statement: Our goal is to enable students and staff access to medical services, to help them become active participants in their own health care. We endeavour to work collaboratively with other departments and agencies to help promote and maintain optimum health. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Description of Service: The Health Centre utilizes a broad spectrum health promotion strategies to promote the health of a diverse population. Regular clinics are available by appointment during the school year excluding holidays.

Medical professionals will provide:

  • Primary care for episodic illness and chronic medical conditions
  • Wellness examinations
  • Physicals - annual, 3rd party, ministry of transport, and aviation
  • Treatment for warts
  • Birth control prescriptions, free condoms
  • Sexually transmitted infection screening
  • Health counselling - i.e.: nutrition, birth control, sexuality, anxiety, stress management, depression
  • Massage therapy
  • Tuberculin skin testing
  • Advisement regarding health requirements for special programs
  • Referrals to other physicians or agencies as required
  • Students supplementary insurance information and claims
  • Literature on health issues

Staff, faculty and immediate family members can be seen for minor illnesses. We encourage them however to maintain the services of their own physician or nurse practitioner for  continuity of care.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Closed during lunch

For Emergencies outside the Health Centre and on campus, please call Security at 922
(623-0465 from external phones or cell phones).  

Location: Main Floor - REACH Building (attached to the Dental Clinic)


  • Rae-Lyn Loroff
    475-6169 (for bookings including NP and Massage Therapist)
    Health Services Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner                                                                                     


Most medical services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Out of province students may be covered through their own provincial medical insurance. These insurance policies should be read carefully to determine coverage. International students are responsible for obtaining their own medical insurance and determining coverage. Information for international students is available by contacting Confederation College's International Student Services at (807) 475-6467.                        

Student Accident and Insurance Plan:

Full time post secondary students registered at Confederation College are covered under the student insurance plan (unless the student chose to Opt-Out prior to the Opt-Out deadline as they already have alternate coverage in place).

There are three plans to choose from at no additional cost, before the deadline date per semester. (Note: if no plan is chosen students will automatically be enrolled in the "Balanced Plan")

Coverage varies depending on the plan chosen; please visit, SUCCI Office, or the Health Centre for plan information. Students given prescriptions and visiting the Health Centre are always informed with regards to benefits of a drug plan. Accident and insurance inquiries are also welcomed.

How to use your Student Plan - Give the Pharmacy/Dentist the following information:

Group Number: 513973

Provider: ClaimSecure

Your Student ID#: M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (last 9 digits)

Anything other than Drug/Dental claims must be paid for up front and mailed into ClaimSecure directly with the claim form & original receipts, or submitted online by creating and "eProfile" account at


All Claim Forms are available on the website.

Single and or Family Coverage:

Non Post-Secondary Students attending full-time on campus can choose to Opt-In to the Student Helath & Dental Plan for a fee. Individuals who are opting into the plan must have current OHIP or equivalent coverage. For further information please contact your student union.

Students may Opt-In spouses and dependents, for an additional fee before the deadline date per semester. Simply go to with a Visa/Mastercard or visit the SUCCI Office before the deadline date. The family members will be on the same Plan Option that the student has chosen.

Staff and Faculty Health Services:

Staff and faculty are required to pay an annual $50 user fee for services provided by the Health Centre. This includes services such as BP monitoring, medical notes, first aid, and assessments by nurse. This does not pertain to physician services, which is covered by your medical insurance.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) Clinics:

A NP will be available every day for appointments as required by students and staff. Appointments are preferred however drop in appointments and same day appointments are sometimes available. Please call 475-6169 for availability.

Referrals to Specialists:

Students or staff requiring a referral to a specialist will need to make an appointment to discuss their need with the Nurse Practitioner.

Treatment for Warts:

Appointments can be made with our Nurse Practitioner during the week. Specific days will be set aside for the treatment of warts.

Registered Massage Therapy:

Located in the College Health Centre a Registered Massage Therapist will offer half hour and one hour appointments every Tuesday from 4:00 pm. To book an appointment call 475-6169. Staff coverage - Sunlife Insurance.

Health Education:

Education will be provided with regard to nutrition, cholesterol, birth control and pregnancy, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, blood pressure, stress management, etc. to name a few. Health promotional events will be scheduled during various times of the year. Pamphlets, literature, and videos are available on a wide variety of health topics for individual or classroom use.

Aviation Medicals

A qualified aviation medical doctor is available to perform aviation medicals. For Dr. Trusdale, please call 577-4888. Evening appointments are available. Medical examinations requested by 3rd parties like insurance companies, schools, and places of employment are no longer covered by OHIP. These services will be charged to the patient and the costs are as follows:

Aviation Medicals                         $80.00

Ministry of Transport                    $80.00

Student or 3rd Party Physical     $60.00

Other                                               $65.00