Mechanical Engineering Technician

2-year, Ontario College Diploma Program

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Are you ready to meet the challenges and rewards of a globally-changing industrial landscape? This program could be for you! Today's challenging and competitive industrial environment requires not only a skilled maintenance workforce, but its ever-advancing equipment automation necessitates higher-educated personnel.

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Full-Time Program Code: 0381

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This program is designed to increase the training and education options available to you by providing both multi-skills training that is aligned with the apprenticeship requirements, and education applicable to the mechanical engineering field.  A well-rounded maintenance team incorporates not only technically-minded individuals with hands-on mechanical skills, but people who can think analytically, and utilize modern and simplified engineering concepts for solving routine or advanced problems.

Are you a mechanically-inclined individual who enjoys creating, building, and repairing machinery using hand and power tools? Do you possess good mathematical and communication skills, and enjoy contributing ideas and supporting others as part of a team?  If so, a career in mechanical engineering could be for you. You might be getting your hands dirty with a wrench one day, and designing with CAD software the next day.


The curriculum in this program shares a common first 2 semesters with the Mechanical Techniques 1-year certificate program. This common core provides students with the option to continue on after the first year, for 2 additional semesters to earn BOTH the Mechanical Techniques (1-year certificate) AND the Mechanical Engineering Technician (2-year diploma), after only two years of study.

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