Mechanical Techniques

34-week, Ontario College Certificate Program

Mechanical Techniques

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Would rather fix something yourself than send it to a repair shop? You have an opportunity to take those mechanical skills you have and develop them into an industry trend - multiskilling. The curriculum is designed as an entry level to many basic trades apprenticeship opportunities.

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Full-Time Program Code: 0376

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Theoretical concepts are reinforced by practical, hands-on training.  Career options that open to you include such areas as millwright, industrial mechanic, machinist, tool and die maker, pipe fitter, welder/fitter, sheet metal worker and more.  Your ability to apply your mechanical skills to relevant work applications will give you a head start to achieving your career goals with this program at Confederation College!

The curriculum for this program shares a common first 2 semesters with the Mechanical Engineering Technician 2-year diploma program. This common core provides students with the option to continue on after the first year, for 2 additional semesters to earn BOTH the Mechanical Techniques (1-year certificate) AND the Mechanical Engineering Technician (2-year diploma), after only two years of study.

(Formerly "Mechanical Techniques - Multi-skilling" name change 2/6/12)

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