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RSS News Feeds from Confederation College

RSS Feed Logo Use your favourite RSS news feed reader software to subscribe to the latest news from Confederation College.
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Subscribe to various news feeds geared to our external audiences:
  1. Subscribe to College Media Releases
  2. Subscribe to College Homepage News Feed
Subscribe to various feeds originating from the Staff News page:
  1. Subscribe to President’s Staff News Feed
  2. Subscribe to College News (Internal/Communique)
  3. Subscribe to College Staff Daily Announcements
  4. Subscribe to College Events Notices
  5. Subscribe to Community Events Notices
  6. Subscribe to College Staff Classifieds

RSS Feed Logo About RSS News Feeds - (short for “Really Simple Syndication”) is a family of web-feed formats used to publish frequently updated content that users can subscribe to. When a new post is added, subscribers will automatically and immediately receive the new post(s) or a link to the post in their news-feed reader software.

Subscribers benefit from receiving the latest updates from their favoured websites, aggregated together into one convenient place to read. Authors benefit from syndicating their news quickly to a wide audience.

RSS reader software is available for computers and mobile devices. Current Internet browser software versions should all provide support for RSS Feeds. Look for the RRS symbol. RSS Feed Logo

In Internet Explorer 8, you can find the RSS Feeds tab under the “Favorites Bar. Favorites Centre Icon