Power Engineering Technician

2-year, Ontario College Diploma Program

Power Engineering Technician

Confused about your career path? You're not alone. This is a potentially life changing decision for students of any age. You want employability, challenge and the potential for career growth and all rolled into one program. It's a tall order that Power Engineering can deliver!

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Full-Time Program Code: 0378

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Have you ever considered where the energy comes from that is powering your computer right now?

Every day all across Canada there are thousands of Certified Power Engineers at work operating and maintaining the equipment that supplies the energy we all need.

Power Engineers also operate and maintain boilers that supply process steam for industrial plants and manufacturing processes such oil and gas refining, or pulp and paper production. They also operate and maintain heating and cooling systems in large industrial, institutional and commercial buildings.

As a Power Engineering student, you will become familiar with the theory, equipment and safe operation power plants, heating plants and refrigeration systems.

As a graduate of the two year program, you will be a highly employable, confident professional with all the necessary tools to launch a profitable, life long career and continue to grow in the Power Engineering profession.

It is an exciting time to begin a career in Power Engineering. A significant demand for Power Engineers currently exists across Canada, and is forecasted to continue for several years. In addition, emerging new technologies continue to make Power Engineering a challenging and fascinating career.

If you are looking for a career path that offers employability, challenge and the potential for career advancement, consider Power Engineering.

It's the total package!


The Power Engineering Program is offered in alternating years.  The next intake is scheduled for September, 2014.

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