For Parents

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We Change Lives Through Learning

Your son or daughter's college education is an investment in their future and practical knowledge and experience always pays great interest!  Our college philosophy is to change lives through learning. Confederation College provides the opportunity for your son or daughter to engage themselves today, and engage the world tomorrow.

Research indicates that parents are often the most important influencer on their children's careers and postsecondary education decisions. 

70 per cent of today's jobs require postsecondary education, according to a recent study ... a great reason to pursue further education.

Learning at Confederation College happens in a fun and interactive environment with the goal of gaining hands-on, practical learning to be prepared for the workplace.

  • Employers Like Our Graduates the Best.
  • Confederation College is number one when it comes to graduate employment, with 89.1% of graduates finding employment within six months of graduation (Colleges Ontario - 2012-13 KPI Survey Results - Graduate Employer Rate). 
    Confederation College has also earned top rankings in student satisfaction (79.3%), graduate satisfaction (84.4%) and employer satisfaction (91.7%) (Colleges Ontario - 2012-13 KPI Survey Results - Student Satisfaction, Graduate Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction Rates).
  • Learning for the Individual
    Confederation College values your son or daughter; we strive to meet their individual needs, both in the classroom and through the various Student Services we offer. 
  • Earn While They Learn
    We have a Campus Employment Service that provides many students with the opportunity to work and gain valuable experience right on campus.
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  • Cooperative Education and Field Placements
    In many programs, Confederation College offers real life experience with employers through Cooperative Education or Field Placements. Your son or daughter might even meet their future boss.
  • Job Bank 
    Many employers meet their hiring needs through the use of our recruitment services and our Job Bank
  • Public Safety on Campus
    The health and safety of our college community is critically important to us. Our Campus Security team consists of well-trained professionals, looking out for the well-being of all community members and for the security of our facilities. Using state-of-the-art security systems, help is always close by.  During the fall and winter semesters, the Campus Response Team (mobile first aid) and the Campus Walk Team (escorts between buildings, vehicles and bus stops) are here to help too!
  • Parent Night @ Sibley Hall Campus Residence
    There is a special session geared for parents during “Move In Weekend” in late August, when students arrive at Sibley Hall Residence.  Please call us at (807) 475-6381 for details.
  • Special Needs Services
    Our Academic Support Centre has many services and devices to help students succeed at college. Please call us at (807) 475-6618 for details.
  • Respect Lives Here
    Confederation College encourages and promotes respect for everyone. It’s about Respect.
  • Student Progress Monitoring
    You are naturally interested in monitoring your son or daughter's progress and success at college. Your support and interest is commendable and needed, but remember that they are now adults, and as such, we cannot (by law) discuss their progress directly with you without their involvement and consent.
  • Serving the Educational Needs of northwestern Ontario & Beyond
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  • Next Steps 
    If you are not sure about the next steps for your son or daughter, please call the Information Hub at (807) 475-6110.
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