Why College?

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Why College?

At College, you will broaden your horizons, pursue your goals and meet lifelong friends. Small classes allow for one on one interaction with faculty and students.

  • Employers like our grads best with an 89.1% employment rate within six months of graduation. (Colleges Ontario - 2012-13 KPI Survey Results - Graduate Employment Rate)

In making the decision of where to go for your postsecondary education, ask family members and friends for some advice. Confederation College has a great reputation.

Boost your earnings ... more education = more opportunities

College or University?
  • Trying to decide between college and university, really depends on you, and what you want to do.
  • Practical, Hands-On Education
    College will provide you with a practical, hands-on education that will enable you to be job-ready for a career in your chosen field.
  • You Don’t Have to Choose.
    You can do both college and university. We have articulation agreements with a number of universities that allow students to transfer credits from our college. 
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More Benefits: Get the Important Extras

There’s more to a job than a pay cheque. Jobs for college graduates typically offer higher wages and more benefits than jobs that only require a high school diploma. Increased benefits can include vacation time, sick days and health and retirement plans. 

Find your passion – the possibilities are endless.....

Going to Work: Create a Career

Some people simply have “jobs”, while others have “careers”

What’s the difference? With a career, the kind of work you do can be based more on your interests. It’s the path you’ve chosen. The greater your educational background, the greater the options are that you can explore throughout your life. A college education can help you turn you passions and interests into a career you love.

Choosing a particular college program does not necessarily limit you to one type of career. Talk to one of our Student Recruiters to explore our programs.

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