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Welcome to Confederation College Research

Research at Confederation College focuses on applied research, academic quality assurance research, institutional research, and academic/scholarly research. The role of the various research departments at Confederation is to promote and facilitate research activities conducted both within the college and collaboratively through external partnerships. The research departments are the portal for businesses, and faculty, staff and students who wish to solve a problem or conduct research.

Applied Research is industry driven, and conducted with the intent of solving a specific need or a problem by applying knowledge obtained from a research project. External organizations can utilize our facilities, equipment, and advanced knowledge of our faculty, staff, and students. Through applied research, Confederation strives to assist local business and promote community development. Applied research benefits both our partners, by helping them achieve their goals, as well as our students, by giving them hands on, “real world” experience.

Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) Research is performed as a means of quality assurance and involves obtaining data regarding students, faculty, staff, curriculum, and learning outcomes. Results obtained from AQA research help guide planning and decision-making processes at the administrative level.

Institutional Research works with internal and external stakeholders such as the Board of Governors, College decision makers, unions, associations and government to support the continuing development and implementation of the College strategic plan, associated scorecard indicators and college wide benchmarks.

Research Ethics Board ensures adherence to principles and professional code of conduct in reference to the collection, analysis, and reporting of research.  Research ethics outlines and makes sure that guidelines (including ethical principles of working with humans) are properly followed. Confederation College has a Research Ethics Board that reviews and approves research projects. Any research project involving humans must be reviewed and approved by the REB.

Policies & Procedures at Confederation College must be adhered to when conducting research.

Our Research Objectives

The major research objectives of Confederation College include:

  1. Improve businesses by providing innovative ideas, processes, and technologies through collaborative projects making use of our available resources.
  2. Enhance student learning and programs by providing research activities and measuring learning outcomes and student satisfaction.
  3. Promote professional development of faculty and staff through research activities.
  4. Foster community development through local research initiatives.
  5. Support and advise senior administration through provision of effective analyses and insights based on a thorough understanding of the College and its external environment while creating opportunities to maximize revenues, improve outcomes and increase resource efficiencies.